A lecture about the water situation in Somalia was delivered by Mursal in Ore in Rättvik

The lecture about the water situation was conducted by Mursal in Ore, Rättvik. Mursal Showed latest documentary film from water exploration in Somalia.

Two enthusiasts women initiated to donate money to the water project in Somalia. It was organized soup lunches for two semesters and the soup lunches provided 9000 kr. The Money goes to the water project in full.

Another successful borehole

The third bore is successful in Humbays. So far, it has three of three indicated sites that have produced good results, so we have high hopes that the remaining places have good probability of water.

The drilling rig that was used came from Hargeisa that is located 1300 km west of Humbays. The drilling equipment was in good quality, drilling took only 4 days.

With the good results after exploration, we have been asked to find a suitable drilling equipment to drill several wells in the future.