About Techwatertrust

TWT Vision is to ensure that Puntland is where human and animal have access to safe drinking water and sanitation. Vision is also to create liberal education, health care and agricultural opportunities.
TWT Transforms lives (both for human and animals) improving access to safe drinking water and sanitation in the rural communities with reasonable prices.  TWTs purpose is to counter dwindling water and environmental degradation.
What we do
TWT enables the communities to gain access to safe drinking water and sanitation. These basic human rights add force to health, education and livelihoods.  Either education or healthy system cannot function without water. TWT is committed to empower the communities through engagement of the process. Our first objective is to locate ground water, using modern equipments like the VLF method. The second objective is to bring reliable drilling equipments for deep boreholes in order to minimize uncertainty of the result.
Our values
TWT aims to be inclusive in all that we do. We believe the equalities for good life. We work with economically poor and marginalized people who often are nomadic and lives in very harsh conditions. We also work with those who live in unreachable areas like those areas with no prober road access.
Always learning
For TWT experience is very essential. We always learn from our practice. We will make sure that our work is sustainable, innovative, relevant and effective to those we support.
The water and sanitation crisis will only be solved by collaborative action. Our engagement with Diaspora, political leaders, local elders and other supporters underpins our success. We value their diversity.
TWT believes that we should be accountable, responsive and transparent to those we serve and those who give us support.
TWT inspired by the need of the people for safe drinking water and sanitation, especially those who lives in the unreachable areas.

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