Water has led to initiate training activities

Education financed by both ABF and Lions DG101. The school is located in Beeli Wacatay. The aim of education is to give the children an opportunity to learn to read and write. Another purpose is that adults are able to read in the evenings. This is called public education.

To make the evening classes possible there are plans on installing solar panels on the roof of the school. Then the villagers have the opportunity to use the school several hours a day.

Very successful water drilling in the Garowe, Puntland

One of the sites identified by the project has been drilled by the administration of Puntland. The site that has been drilled is in Garowe, the capital of Puntland. The information has been confirmed by the Finance Minister in Puntland.

The minister showed his gratitude from the government and people of Puntland. It’s an important signal that encourages the search for funds to drill the other locations, especially in the smaller villages. The places that are situated outside the big cities and do not have own possibilities for financing.

Meeting with Lions Somalia project group

Meeting with Lions Somalia project team and an editor of the Lions club magazine. Local Borlänge Association wishes to start and run a Somalia project in partnership with Lions International. They must investigate for driving clean water, measles vaccination, vision care, prenatal care and energy on the spot.

Another successful borehole

The third bore is successful in Humbays. So far, it has three of three indicated sites that have produced good results, so we have high hopes that the remaining places have good probability of water.

The drilling rig that was used came from Hargeisa that is located 1300 km west of Humbays. The drilling equipment was in good quality, drilling took only 4 days.

With the good results after exploration, we have been asked to find a suitable drilling equipment to drill several wells in the future.