Appreciated lecture on water project in Somalia

On January 10, 2012, 14:00 pm a lecture was held in Pingstkyrkan in central Borlänge. The documentary was shown and the audience enjoyed to hear about the situation.

Kim Alvelius, Monika Björk and Mursal Ismail Isa were present while Mursal spoke about the water situation in Somalia.

Monika sold greeting cards for 10 kr that goes unabridged to the waterproject and Pingstkyrkan decided to contribute 2000kr.


We from the water project would like to thank for the support from SPF in Borlänge.


A lecture about the water situation in Somalia was delivered by Mursal in Ore in Rättvik

The lecture about the water situation was conducted by Mursal in Ore, Rättvik. Mursal Showed latest documentary film from water exploration in Somalia.

Two enthusiasts women initiated to donate money to the water project in Somalia. It was organized soup lunches for two semesters and the soup lunches provided 9000 kr. The Money goes to the water project in full.