Educational activities

An existing building was renovated and school activities started in February and March 2014. It has about 70 students of whom 40 are boys and 30 girls. Teaching is done in seven various subjects: Somali, English, Arabic, mathematics, social studies, history and religion.
There are three teachers and the project salaries one of these and the education sector in Puntland salaries other teachers. Students are mainly from the village where the school is located but students also come from nearby villages and from nomadic families living in the area. All students are not beginners and may be able to assist to some extent in the education.
School project was started in July 2013 in collaboration with Lions and ABF Borlänge-Nedansiljan. In the autumn of 2013 requests for funding where submitted to Radiohjälpen and LCIF (Lions Clubs International Foundation). At the beginning of 2014 LCIF granted some funding.