The school in Beeli Wacatay

A school project was started in July 2013 in collaboration with the Lions and ABF Borlange-Nedansiljan. In the autumn 2013 a funding requests was submitted to Radiohjälpen and LCIF (Lions Clubs International Foundation).

Some existing facilities where restored in where the Lions paid for repairs and painting. After that the premises were completed two teachers were recruited. One of them was an assistant teacher. We started with 83 students of which 25 of them were girls. Teaching takes place in seven different topics: Somali, English, Arabic, mathematics, social studies, history and religion.

The premises were insufficient because there was only room for about 50 students. The children sat in each other’s lap and we realized the need to build a new school.

Elever i varandras knän

In the spring of 2014 when money from LCIF and ABF where granted, we planned a trip down there to help with the implementation of school construction. After consultation with senior Council the construction was initiated on the 20th of June 2014. The construction work took off quickly, after 4 weeks almost the whole body of the building was completed. One of the problems we encountered was that we run out of water because the villagers used water collect from ponds containing rainwater. The rain came in early August, and the construction was then continued.

There are three teachers and the project salaries one off these. The educational sector in Puntland salaries other teachers. Students come mainly from the village where the school is located, but students also come from nearby villages and from nomadic families living in the area. All students are not beginners; some can be somewhat helpful in lectures.