Gagaab area

Gagaab is located in northeastern Somalia and is a quiet and peaceful area. The climate is very dry which complicates the cultivation of food. The population lives on livestock mainly on sheep and goats. Most residents of Gagaab live in villages or as nomads.

There are no schools in Gagaab and most inhabitants are illiterate. Medical and health care practically don’t exist. Life expectancy is between 40 and 45 years when common diseases of the past are common prevalent. The diet consists of milk, rice and rarely meat. The lack of other types of food causes many types of deficiencies. Access to clean water is minimal and the water from the scanty rainfall often evaporates before it can be taken care of. There are no effective ways to communicate, a hospital visit will be a two day ride on a truck. Local issues are in diversity, but there are three that need to be prioritized:

  1. access to clean water
  2. schools (so that each child receives the right to a good education)
  3. care, preventive and emergency healthcare