LC Armo

Somalias first Lions Club was founded 2012 in Armo. Lions Club Armo was also allotted land to eventually be able to build a maternity care and eye clinic.
30 trees were planted, a number which has since been increased to 230.
Since it is highly littering in the area LC Armo so initiated an environmental project with the creation of waste disposal facilities. The idea is that through good example get more people to manage their waste in a better way.

LC Armo cleaning project

LC Armo cleaning project

Trädplantering i Armo

Treeplantation in Armo

LC Armo and any clubs that are scheduled to start in Somalia is a platform where citizens who want to engage in re-building the possibility of pursuing the nonprofit. LC Armos members are the ones who run the educational activities in the village Beeli wacatay whose purpose is to promote reading and literacy among the people. LC Armo will be a sounding board for any clubs that are about to be start in Garowe and Mogadishu.