News articles

Below are some news articles and a radio stories that are linked to this project. Currently all the articles are in Swedish.

Christmas gifts was water in Somalia (Julgåvor blev vatten i Somalia)

Mursal visited Avesta during the UN day to inform about the situation in Puntland. Article in PDF format from Avesta Newspaper ”SDA-20111026”. Published  2011-10-26

He saw the drought at close range (Han såg torkan på nära håll)

Interview with Birger at UNT who visited Somalia to try VLF test method to locate water in the severely drought-hit areas. Article in PDF format ”UNT 2011-10-10 SID 10 17384162-r”. Published  2011-10-10

Gagaab Aqua Project

Article written about the crisis in Somalia with the lack of water and food. Link to the ABF Borlange-Nedansiljan website Gagaab aqua project Published  2011-08-06

Water is gold (Vatten är guld)

Interview with Mursal after returning from water exploration in Somalia carried out together with hydro water geologist Birger during the summer of 2011. Article in Dalarna newspapers click on the link to read the article ”Vatten är guld”. Published  2011-08-06

Water Work in disaster Africa (Vattenarbete i katastrofens Afrika)

Radio Reports on Dalaytt on swedish radio’s website (SR). Link to read the article and listen to the story ”Vattenarbete i katastrofens Afrika”. Published  2011-08-05Nedan är några nyhetsartiklar och radioreportage som är kopplade till detta projekt.