Water project

Field studies

During the summer of 2008 as implemented Mursal Ismail Isa field studies in northeastern Somalia. He visited four communities Unuun, Beeliwacatay, Xamure and BUQ in Gagaab area Qandala district inhabited by about 4000 people. Through conversations with the villagers as Mursal gathered information about their most important and most urgent needs. This is to start the self-help program where the villagers are actively participating and involved in the whole process. The trip was documented with photographs, notes, and video recording to be used as materials for exhibitions and lectures. Media image produced in Sweden was not sufficiently balanced and honest. So with video material support has Mursal informed and inspired to relief efforts can be implemented in the area. Mursal also informed locally about the benefits of compound formation in Somalia. Possibilities of co-operation (economic cooperation) to create opportunities to influence the lack of water. Including by foreigners easier to provide targeted assistance that has good support in the population. The project aims to transfer knowledge and resources, and encourage people to actively try to solve their problems, and instead of being constant recipients of charity become participants in a long-term initiative to help his country.

Water exploration

During the summer of 2011 we went Mursal along with geologist Birger Fodgestam to Somalia to test whether it was possible to carry out studies using VLF method. At the first test showed that the instrument worked and during the subsequent two weeks visited nine villages and two cities. They identified 40 drilling locations that could provide the people of Puntland region with drinking water. Before leaving Sweden as Mursal had received 93 pairs of glasses to give to the needy. Mursal began with a visit to an eye doctor in Bossaso that helped to classify glasses.

After water exploration

Analysis and report water exploration can be read in Water Exploration in Puntland where measurement results are from page 9 onwards. During the trip was Mursal and Birger requested to carry out measurements in the regional capital Garowe. In January 2012, we learned that very successful water drilling has been carried out on one of the indicated locations.

For the project we have created some helpful media and some of it has been collected here. The main purpose is to show the conditions and the progress.


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